God Restores What the Locust Took from Columbus, OH

Road trips. Boy, did I think those were done.Only this one was different; this one was fun. Instead of a car full of booze and drugs, It was alphabet games and looking for slug bugs. Off to the dressing room, time to get changed, With people of peace, not one was deranged. Here I go, center stage, Except here’s a new chapter, I’m turning the page! Instead of cameras, signings and lustful yearnings, These men were filled with tears and new learnings, A longing for change, a desire for more, Could this be the break through they were looking for? Time to go, leaving Columbus behind, Wave to the Den where my videos were signed, Now I have a different goal in mind, To pray for the men who God might find And the women like me who once were blind, To find a God of love, one who is kind. So here is episode one, I’m no longer afraid to speak up, Almighty God you have filled up my cup The time has come, and here is that hours, That God restored what the locust devoured.