From HCHS Sharing Event

To our friends at RFW: Professionally speaking...

I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to our friends at Refuge for Women.  Just two short weeks ago, RFW visited our high school in Harrison County.  Ours is a relatively small, rural Central KY high school.  Ours, like many schools, has its share of abuse, victimization, and a need for the truth about cultural expectations placed on our young adults.  As these young people transition into an adulthood inundated with personal choice, we share in the hope that our children will make the right choices and follow the proper influences.  To that end, so many of our youth have not been exposed to the message of Christ, and as a public school, we cannot expose them to it in a formal classroom setting.  Therefore, I appreciate RFW's message, and thank you for respecting our need to tailor the message to meet the needs of a public high school.  We desire that our children might understand the trappings surrounding pornography, dancing, and the sex-trade industry, wishing they lose their rose-colored glasses along the way.  For our kids, we trust they understood the message for what it was; academic, thought-provoking, and a call to personal responsibility and action.  We plan to make RFW a regular in our schools.


I pray that the seeds thrown on that Thursday find fertile soil (Luke 8:4-21) and our kids can find a way to come to understand the message of Christ, in spite of those parents and friends that would minimize it or steal it away from them.  I pray that I might somehow serve as an example to those in my classrooms and school, and while I cannot disclose His message in my classroom discussions, it is my responsibility to serve as the living epistle of Christ (2Cor3:2), for I may be the only Word the kids get to "read" during the day.

To Christine and Deanna:

Your testimony will ring in the ears of these children long after you have left them, and long after those students leave the walls of our school.  Just as the apostle Paul reminds us that love rejoices with the truth (1Cor 13:6), we are reminded of the truth of your testimony, as difficult as it is to disclose publicly.  Keep throwing the seed!  Be encouraged!  I am proud that you are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Romans16:1), and may each of us remain "as bold as a lion" in our individual lives of ministry as well (Psa28:1).

Josh Powers

Harrison County High School