Dear Lord, Help Me to Soar

Dear Lord, Please help me to soar. For I've been caged so long.

You have healed my wings. The cage door is open. I'm perched on the ledge- Wings stretched so wide.

To receive all you have for me. To soak in all of You. I breathe You. I live You. You overwhelm me.

Lord, I want it all. The beautiful, the difficult. I know the plans You have for me Are of hope and a future.

I trust You now. I know You now. I love You now.

I am PURE in You now.

I am CLEAN in You now.

I had a Father all along. You never left me.

Thank You for breaking me out of my shell. This cage. Though I want to soar I also fall to me knees.....

Overwhelmed by You.

by Erica