A Hole In One!


The golf scramble that we had on Monday went REALLY well.  I am so thankful for everyone that took time to volunteer and support the ministry.  Funds were raised for the ministry and more people learned about the work that is taking place in Central Kentucky.  However, the golf scramble is much more than a fun game of golf and some money being raised.  Connections are taking place that will continue beyond the 18 holes.  Local businesses allow fireman and police officers to join us for the afternoon and enjoy some time off work.  A local business allowed a team of Pastors to break away from the intensity of church work and relax on the golf course.  Board members of the ministry were able to shake hands with supporters and say thank you for their involvement.  Some of our guests wanted to come out and volunteer for the day at the event.  They were able to break away from the farm and have an enjoyable meal and fun time volunteering.  Golf was just a tool to bring people together for relationships to be enhanced.  Third Annual Scramble is on the books.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

Ked Frank, Executive Director