Can we FAST FORWARD please?

Sometimes when the storms of life come at us we pray, “Oh Lord, can we just ’fast forward’ to the other side of this storm?”  Some storms seem to be too big, or too powerful, and we think, “How in the world are we going to make it through?” Have you ever just wished you could “fast forward” to the other side?

A few years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  For about 30 days we didn’t know how bad it was and what exactly the team of surgeons, doctors and specialists were going to do for him.  I remember telling my then Bible study teacher -- an older woman and much wiser than I, “I wish I could just fast forward to the other side of this – the not knowing is driving me crazy.”  She lovingly looked at me and said, “You do not want to miss anything God has for you in this storm.  God will move mountains for you and your husband and he will bless you richly through the storm because you will stand firm in your faith in Him.”  She joyfully told me to watch for the blessings.

Sure enough, the blessings over the next three months of surgery and recovery were too numerous to count.  God took care of every detail during the journey.  He strengthened our marriage and relationships with other family members that were strained.  Healing on many parts took place during that storm.  The blessings from the cancer journey were countless and beautiful.  It was a difficult storm, but I am so grateful I couldn’t “fast forward” through it. I would have missed  ALL that our heavenly Father provided for our every need and seeing how He increased our faith as he worked miracles all around us every day!

Recently, a young woman I work with told me about a struggle she was having and said, “I wish I could just “fast forward” to the other side of this.”  What a great opportunity for me to “pay it forward” and share the words of wisdom from my friend.  “You do NOT want to miss the blessings that will come out of this storm!”