Thought for the Day - In This Moment


A grateful guest at the Refuge

Can Jesus have me in this moment too?  Sometimes I feel like I have to be either super shiny or just absolutely broken before I come to the Lord.  As it was in all my relationships, I either receive protection or sympathy as love, or absolute awe of who I am or how I look.  Sometimes I have a hard time living up to both in the relationship.

What about the days that I don’t feel like I am doing anything particularly spectacular?  Can I come to Jesus and just be me in that moment, for that day?  Can I come to the realization that He vowed to love me in all of my strengths as well as my weaknesses and even in my mediocrities?

Can I learn to not shut Him out while I try to figure things out on my own?  That even if I feel like I failed at the day He wants to hold me in those moments too.  Can I allow Jesus to love me even on those days when I find it particularly hard to love myself?  Jesus, can you love me in this moment too?