God Restores What the Locusts Devoured In High School

A gym full of boys all shouting for porn,

I can’t imagine the girls who’s hearts are being torn.

Why are they cheering?  Listen up here’s the facts,

These are real people being used to gain fat stacks.

Put the magazines down before you get hooked,

Or you may be sitting in a jail cell wishing you never looked.

I’m here to tell you it’s not what you thought,

But for some it’s all they’ve known, all they were taught

Girls screaming in pain and guys popping pills,

Some for STD’s and some for thrills,

Not mentioning that for some porn can kill,

But who would listen it’s not your run of the mill.

I look in the stands and remember the girls who called me names,

I look again at the boys who just played games,

Though I fell for those lies and thought that’s what I became

I no longer live in fear, I no longer live in shame.

It was worth it to walk back in the school halls,

Ignoring the inappropriate whistles and cat calls,

Because what stands out for me

Is the boy who told me I’m very, very sorry.

My faith is renewed as I continue to pray,

As these youths begin to see each other God’s way.

The time has come and here is the hour

That God restored what the locusts devoured

Written by:  Deanna