God Restores What the Locusts Took From the Innocent

A church full of thirty all filled with glee,

Knowing shortly they’d all be looking at me.

Praying God speak to one, a soul that needs to heal,

And at the end of the service a woman tells me her deal

I’m reminded of the times I used to bathe and cry,

I felt so filthy, and used, I just wanted to die

But it’s for moments like this that God kept me around,

Because here was a girl by other’s sins she was bound.

I asked her to write me and she became aware

Of how God was at work right then and there,

Just before she came she had an urge to buy

A box of stationary with no cause or reason why!

She says it must have been for you, more story to come,

I got to assure her days of feeling guilty would soon be done

All those tears I cried and nights I lost

I wouldn’t trade for any cost,

To assure her she’s not alone, I understand

And that God is with her and is her biggest fan

The time has come, here is that hour,

That God had restored what the locust devoured

Written by:  Deanna