Poems by Frances, a Refuge for Women Guest ~ Part II


Why can’t I love me

As others seem to do

The up and down of emotions

I go through

Why can’t I love me

True to the heart

Pain so deep

It tears my soul apart

Why can’t I look in the mirror

And say I love you

Too much pain from my past

Coming through

Yet one day I know

Is to come my way

Yes, I love you

I’ll be able to say

Why can’t I love me…..

Frances H, RFW Guest




Mind racing just won’t

Slow down

Thinking of how I want

To turn my life around

Jumping from this to that

Slowing down on God

I’ll take a bet

To let Him build me up

What I’ve took down

And completely around

All I got to do is

Slow down….

Frances H, RFW Guest



Search me oh God

Make sure my heart is true

For all I want to do

Is love and serve You

Search me oh Lord

For I am Your child

No longer am I on the streets

Running buck wild

Search me Father

Through and through

As I lift up my voice

In praise only to You

Search me in the morning

Noon and night

I’ll give You the glory

With all my might

Search me….

Frances H, RFW Guest



He is the one true

Love of my soul

The one who

Truly loves me so

He is the one

Who’s carried me

Who’s just let me be

Plain ole’ me

He is the great I Am

Beginning and end

With Him the rest of my life

I desire to spend

He is….

Frances H, RFW Guest