You are Light

Wonderfully, beautifully-


Nature proclaims your glory

And not a word is spoken.

I proclaim your glory through song

Not able to sing loud enough to convey

How awesome You are

The clouds break with the dawning

Of a new day.

The sun shines bright on my face-


I never noticed it until recently.

I hid from the Light.

Like the sun's rays

Come in and out of view,

Among the trees,

On my morning commute,

I would step close to You-


Then back away.

Until finally Your Holy Light

Magnetized me to You.

And like my morning drive,

There was no longer anything to block your Light,

Which shone so bright.

Overwhelmingly bright.

My eyes fill with tears that are foreign to me.

Tears of joy.

You are a personal God.

My God Who sees me.

I catch a glimpse of your face

And I feel closer to You

Than ever before.

I feel warmth inside.

Why am I surprised that You know I am visual.

I get it.

I don't just say it.

You- Light- truly live in me.

Bigger, brighter than the sun.

Living in me.

You tell me that even if I had been the only person on this earth,

You would have died on the cross just for me.

I'm not just saying things I'm supposed to say


I'm not just rehearsing the lines.

You ARE my Father.

I AM your daughter.

Not the father/daughter relationship I knew here on earth.

So much grander.

Overwhelming me with Love.

Eyes wide open.

Heart fluttering.

Nature proclaims your name and not a word is spoken.

You have given me the gift of my voice.

Written words.

How could I, too, not proclaim Your majesty.....

Written by Erica, a Refuge friend