I'm Soaring

Yesterday, I was barely crawling. Today, I run. I run with such joy That I take off and I soar.

I soar into freedom. I now have wings. No cage. No shackled feet.

No chains of depression. Self-hatred. No chains of self-harm. No chains from the ghosts of my past.

I'm soaring.

Under Your protective wing I am safe, I now understand.  I am not condemned. I am white as snow.

So hard to grasp, so hard to accept. But I believe and trust in You. And that includes what You say about me. No more holes in my gospel.

I'm soaring.

There are moments when I lose my way. When I feel lost. When I fly too close to the ground And consider crawling again.

When I am drawn like a magnet To the ugly, yet familiar. You show me my new life. And swoop me back up.

You've got me. You've got this. You won't let me fall. You are teaching me  How to live my new life.

In You.

I'm soaring.

In You, I'm a new creation. Clean and pure. I'm going to believe You Even when I don't feel it.

I'm going to soar with You And rejoice that I have  The most perfect Father Holding me under Your wing.

I'm soaring. I'm trusting.  I'm believing. I'm obeying. I'm praising. I'm loving.....


And even when I don't You're still loving me...

Written by Erica