Once upon a time there was this little girl

Who grew up so fast she never really had a little girl world

Always wanting things to go her way

Never wanting to listen to any thing anyone else had to say

Drinking, drugging, men and the streets this was her solution

Not knowing this would only lead to many institutions

Alcoholism comes in many forms for a girl like me

And believe me I’ve tried them out one by one exactly

I wanted to die yet was afraid to kill myself

See God had another plan for me and it wasn’t death

I gave away a family who loved me in spite of me

I just didn’t get it alcoholism wouldn’t let me be

Then there came a day when God said enough is enough

I haven’t been the same I don’t do that old stuff

Once he sets you free you are free indeed

Alcoholism working the twelve steps I got freed

I can look back and thank God for where I’m at today

Alcoholism damn I’m happy at last this is where I’m going to stay

Written by Frances, Refuge Resident