Animal Shelter

Yesterday I went to the humane society to spend time volunteering.  I’m one of those people that prefer the company of dogs and puppies to members of my own species, so this was a natural fit for me.  I love being around dogs because they are continual sources of unconditional love, and the puppies I had the privilege of working with yesterday were no exception.

I spent two hours bathing seven lice and flea infested puppies.  They had never had a bath before, so this was quite an experience for them.  For two hours all I heard was the howling of seven very disconcerted puppies.  I tried to soothe them by telling them that life was not that rough and the medicated shampoo I was washing them with was actually helping them.  They didn’t really care what I said to them, though – they still acted like I was trying to kill them even though I was helping them.

Not to sound ridiculously corny, but sometimes I think God looks at me the way I look at those puppies.  Sometimes I feel like a very small puppy howling at the top of my lungs and vehemently protesting positive change just because it seems uncomfortable and unfamiliar.  I’m just grateful that even when I protest things that are good for me, God continues to love and help me.

Written by:  Kristen, Refuge Resident