Blessing in Disguise

Throughout my twenty-three year time frame I have endured good times, bad times, pain, hurt, depression, amazing memories, and fear.  However, being a single parent to two beautiful blessings I constantly feel as if my life is always on the move and having a plan always is best.  I never thought that or even planned to be relocated to Kentucky at some point in time in my life.  This was never a part of my plan.  It was in God’s plan for me.  Being a planner I tend to panic when things don’t go according to my plan.  I have once heard during a sermon at Shiloh Baptist that, that tends to happened a lot more often than I thought.  My will and plan for my life will not be the same as God’s will and plan for my life.  And in these cases our lives will be interrupted.  Panicking always comes after until an interpretation and reason of why it is happening always follows.  Inspiration and hope is always the ingredients to keep us going.  I know for myself those two things “determination and faith” works like a revitalizing jolt from within.  The Refuge for Women was never a part of my plan but God knows me better than I know myself and brought me here for a reason that I would have never made myself.  This is my blessing in disguise.  Being from New York City I wouldn’t have thought to make a pit stop in Kentucky.  But I don’t know where or what I would be doing if I hadn’t come here.

Written by:  Samantha, Refuge Resident