"Behold, I make ALL things new"

Dear Me,

I just want you to know that I've rejected and treated you badly. I was in the world and thought it was okay. Now that I have surrendered my life to my Heavenly Father, I know different, and the truths about who I am. I don't have to use alcohol and weed anymore to numb my pain. I now know I have a wonderful faithful God who's always here for me whenever I get lonely, down, or any other negative feelings  I am having. I don't have to use my body to get loved, or be in unhealthy relationships. I know God loves me unconditionally and He's forgiven me and wiped my slate clean. I'm a new creation in Him. I am pure again. I thank God for this second chance. I'm sorry. Please forgive me as I know it's taken some time to forgive myself. I am a free woman who's worthy to live… Amen

Sincerely, A new creation in Christ :)

(one of our Refuge residents - October 2012)