A Grateful Heart

I love Christmas time! Especially when I can look around and see everything with new eyes and a new heart.  This will be my first sober Christmas in years, but more importantly my first Christmas as a Christian.  This is Jesus’ birthday not my birthday, so I have to remember is it the season of giving.  All I want to do is give to others this Christmas.  I want everyone around me to feel warm and blessed.  I love the fellowship when we all come together for the holidays.  I love talking, visiting and eating with others.  Especially when all the people around me are celebrating the birth of Jesus and know that he is the reason for the season.  I am so grateful to have so many people around me who love the Lord.  One of those special people in my life is my mentor.

I have grown really close to my mentor in the past few months.  I look forward to spending time with her each week.  She listens to everything I have to say with care and concern.  I am very grateful that God has put her in my life.  I definitely look up to her as a role model.  We laugh together all the time and even sometimes cry together.  She holds me accountable and makes sure that I get done all the things I need to do.  We have great conversations about anything and everything.  I love hearing her opinion on things because I know that she wouldn’t tell me anything but the truth.  I’m truly blessed to have a real friend in my life.

Refuge Guest 2012