This is the day and here is that hour... that God restored what the locust devoured

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten...You will have plenty to eat, until you are full, and you will praise the name of the Lord your God, who has worked wonders for you;never again will my people be shamed...”

Bells, whistles and lights everywhere,

the smell of cigars and liquor fill the air,

so many times I was here without a care,

not knowing each time, my heart would eventually tear.

I walk down the strip and I can’t help but smile,

at the schemes of the devil, not one was worth while! I stroll down the venetian and it becomes very clear,

none of this was funny, I was holding back tears.

Music is blaring, it all looks the same,

only today I’m me, I’m signing my real name

how could I not see this was all a game,

that all of it was a false fame!

All over the world, to this one room fans came,

only now I see that the facade that was lame,

and ouch my heart feels the years it was maimed!

“let’s take a picture” they say, and it all sets in,

the overwhelming pain of my sin,

I curl up on the stairs where I used to take my breaks,

I let the tears pour out, as my body shakes,

I’m so done with the lies, I’m done being fake

I get down on my knees for my God’s sake.

To offer him a soul deep plea, a cry from my heart,

no longer do I need to let the memories of Vegas tear me apart.

First I had to renounce every autograph, every lie,

every marriage, every heart, that porn caused to die,

my spirit trembles as I lay there and sigh,

now seeing the truth, asking myself why!

Why I allowed the lie to go this deep,

only to be haunted for years in my sleep,

but cheerfully I gave my heart to Jesus to keep,

the ONLY one who gave me a harvest of freedom to reap.

I walk back out with my head held high,

knowing there’s a heart felt tear in each eye,

I’m done with the mask, it’s okay to cry,

and walk in my new self, his commands I’ll apply

I’m ready for the picture, everyone say cheese,

I left with new memories, and my heart was pleased.

I missed the show, but the reclaiming was done,

for the God who loved me so much, and gave me His Son.

The people I love, the lies make me irate,

so I will go out and lead my friends to the gate,

the gate of love they cannot be separated from,

if only they share in my joy, accept Him and come.

This is the day and here is that hour...

that God restored what the locust devoured

Written by:  Deanna, a grateful Refuge guest 2012