Losing My Shadow

Faith in Jesus makes me feel lik­­e a balloon, flying high above my worries. So high up with overwhelming love for Him that He takes my breath away. So high above the ground that I no longer see my shadow. To me, not having a shadow says that I should focus on Jesus. I need to focus not on a worldly identity, but on my identity in Him, the unseen. When I am living for Jesus, I am so far above my worries that they are almost microscopic. I can hardly see them anymore. Instead, my worries fade to gray. My Jesus overshadows them all. He is colors that are truer and richer than any color I have ever seen. He is bigger than any worry. I am so high up in the air. He is my life vest. No strings attached. Like the basket held by the balloon, I am held by Him. When I am so high up, spending time with Him, all my trust has to be in Him. I’m all in. And that balloon in the far distance is that person I pray will know Jesus. The person I pray will smell His fragrance and float closer to Him. The person I pray will rise to such heights in His love that they too lose their shadow… and soar.