Love is Patient

I am learning to be patient.  In my past, I kept praying for patience, but I quickly realized I need to stop praying for things that I can make happen, things that I can do.  It’s like praying for a job but not getting up off the couch to look for one.  God has been telling me that I have to keep up my end of the deal.  God will bless diligence.  If I practice His principles, He will see to it that I go from glory to glory.  Patience is the first thing that he tells us that love is.  If I want to love and serve my sisters, I have to have patience with them.  I have to put them above myself.  We’re all human, and we all make mistakes.  So I will walk humbly and restore my sisters gently (Galatians 6:1) instead of being impatient with them.  I will love others because that is the greatest commandment of all. -A Grateful Refuge Guest