It takes a lot of people to make Refuge for Women work.  There are volunteers that daily give to this ministry and do not receive a dime in return.  Board members that carry a weight of responsibility because they believe in the need to rescue women out of this dark industry.  Staff who are in the trenches of battle each and everyday because of being called by God to work at Refuge for Women.  There are also people who have given sacrificially to keep the ministry moving forward.
We ran a report today and the number above is what has been donated to Refuge for Women since it began in 2009.  I was humbled by the number on the sticky note that was placed in front of me.  We are less than 59,000.00 dollars from one million dollars donated to this ministry.  AMAZING!!!!!  This number represents family members that gave because their daughter was in our ministry.  This number represents people donating twenty dollars a month as a sacrificial gift from their fixed income.  This number represents a family writing a check for 29,000.00 dollars because their mother passed away and they felt like God told them to donate it.  Every dollar of this amount is sacrifice and generosity mixed together and released into the Kingdom.
Everyone that has donated a dollar to this ministry is invested in the lives that are being transformed.  We appreciate you and want to say thank you.
Ked Frank
Executive Director