Jesus wept... And so should we.

When we read John 11:35, we discover one of the most amazing lessons that could ever be taught... "Jesus wept."

When Christ came to the Earth, He met mere humans, like you and me, and He opened his heart. He opened it so wide that He fell in love, and not just with people who seemed worthy of His love. He fell HARD for the least of these, the poor, the oppressed, the orphaned, the exploited, the widowed... He fell in love with those who were hurting so that His love could bring them healing. But when He fell in love with them, He fell so hard that He let their pain cause Him pain; He let their heartbreak cause His own heart to break. He let their sorrows bring tears to His eyes, and He didn't simply cry for them. He wept; He sobbed. He truly felt what they felt. The next verse says, "So the Jews said, 'See how He loved him.'" Through His tears and His wholehearted feeling, people understood that Christ really loved them, and in turn, people fell in love with Him too.

I think that's what it means to be Christ-like. It means loving like He loved, giving like He gave, and truly feeling it all like Christ felt. It's time for Christians to feel again.

Jesus really felt, and so should we. Jesus really loved, and so should we. Jesus really gave, and so should we. Jesus really wept, and so should we.

-Alishia, A Refuge Intern