Is Retirement Biblical???

Before I got involved with Refuge for Women I worked in a ministry in Ohio called The Refuge. I assisted the Executive Director and put on events to raise resource to support the needs of the ministry. One of the events I decided to put on was a golf scramble. Here was the challenge with putting on an event of this nature, I am not a golfer and I had never put on a large scale event before. However these obstacles did not prevent me from reserving a golf course and putting out the word that the men's refuge was hosting its first ever golf event. Besides the weather not cooperating it was a lot of fun and raised a little bit of money for the ministry. However the biggest blessing of the day was one of the men that was on the winning team. Bob Holycross had organized a team that cleary was full or ringers and won the scramble with ease. When the event was over the prizes had been distributed he approached me with a question. He asked me, "Are there opportunities for me to get involved with this organization." I love these kinds of questions and quickly answered that there was numerous ways he could assist. He informed me that he was recently retired and had too much time on his hands and wanted to give back because of how blessed he and his family had been. Little did I know how that conversation was going to begin a journey for him and the Refuge that would still be unfolding 7 years later.

Bob is now in his early 70's and is operating in a COO capacity for the ministry. He has volunteered his time for 7 years each and every day with men that have had journey's completely different than his. He asked me the other day where in the Bible can I find the concept of retirement. I told him that I didn't know and it seemed more American than it did Biblical. He told me he has no plans of slowing down and I could tell from his conversation that the gratitude that got him involved 7 years ago had not waivered and was still operating in full capacity. He said too many of his friends live for themselves each day and do activities that have no eternal value. I am humbled and in awe of the Kingdom perspective he has each day.

I wanted to raise some money from that golf scramble but what we were rewarded with goes far beyond a few thousand dollars. I praise God for people like Bob Holycross who see their time on earth as just a temporary landing place but their real home and time of rest will be for eternity. ked