Finally Seeing A Future

When you are living the sort of life from which I came, you don’t really think about the future.  Your “future” extends as far as thinking about how you will get high tomorrow and how you will get the money to get high.  There are no dreams.  There are no goals. When I came to the Refuge, I started to make goals, but my goals mainly focused on completing program work.  There is nothing wrong with that, but it got hard for me to get really excited about life because I felt like the Refuge would always be my life (a year is a very long time to someone who has a problem delaying gratification.)  I couldn’t see far enough down the road to realize that one day this year of my life would be over.

Now I have three months left in the program and I’m starting to see the end result: I can dream and set goals and make those things a reality.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited about my life than I am now.  I’m looking into joining the Navy and moving out of state. (San Diego, maybe?)  I’m thinking about finishing college.  I’m setting a goal of paying off my old student loans. (I've learned a thing or two from Dave Ramsey.)  And one day, I’d like to help start a Refuge in Amsterdam.

It’s so exciting to finally have dreams and to be able to see them turning into reality.  I’m so grateful for everything God’s done in my life and for all the people that have invested in me so that I could get to a point where I can dream again.

-A Beautiful Refuge Guest