Agreement for Donating Proceeds From a Book or product

Thank you for locking arms with Refuge for Women in our mission to provide safe places for women to escape from being trafficked and exploited so they can heal and have an opportunity to rebuild and start over. It is an honor to collaborate with like-minded organizations in the fight against the dark industry of human trafficking. The purpose of this agreement is to clarify expectations for both parties and avoid any misunderstandings.

Terms of agreement

  • Online request form must be submitted and approved by Refuge for Women prior to release date. If request form is not received Refuge for Women does not support or agree to release date..

  • Refuge for Women’s name or logo should not be used without prior approval for each instance

  • Either party can terminate this agreement upon notice at any time

  • Upon termination of agreement, all information related to Refuge for Women must be removed from book, website, social media, etc. within 30 days.

  • Refuge for Women’s name, description, contact details may be included in the book, online or press releases. This information will be submitted for review (see below).

  • A portion of profits from sales will be donated to Refuge for Women

Please submit the following to Refuge for Women for review and approval:

  • A copy of the manuscript (books only) or any other verbiage using Refuge for Women’s name, description and contact details (e.g. book, website or social media)

  • Your company or organizational information:  mission and values statements, statement of faith (link to online information ok)

Approved content to include on websites, social media, press releases and books

“A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Refuge for Women”

Please include the following description and link:  

Refuge for Women is a non-profit, faith based organization providing specialized long-term care for women who have escaped human trafficking or sexual exploitation. With multiple locations across the U.S., Refuge for Women offers up to twelve months of safe housing, at no charge to the resident, with around the clock care as clients progress through evidence-based, trauma-informed programming. The compassionate staff is trained to help residents work through the program to reclaim their identities and reach their goals to overcome addictions, heal from trauma and develop life skills leading to healthy, balanced living and financial independence. Refuge for Women strives to help each woman complete the program with a vision for her future, equipped to succeed and sustain a life marked with dignity and hope.