What if you could help even one women escape from being trafficked…just by donating a lipstick?


Here at Refuge for Women, we know that human trafficking is a dark industry that abuses and exploits women of all ages.  It is occurring in our own backyard via online ads, massage businesses, strip clubs, brothels, street prostitution and escort services.  Human trafficking is a 100-billion dollar industry and over 25,000 cases have been reported in the US since 2015.

These women need hope.  And the Lipstick Warriors are providing hope - in the form of a lipstick. 

Refuge for Women is proud to partner with a team of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants . These consultants and their customers are donating Mary Kay lipsticks to help build bridges to rescue more women out of this terrible industry.

When you purchase a Mary Kay lipstick and donate it through your consultant, the lipsticks are provided to our residents.  These lipsticks are used as relationship builders and given as gifts to our residents so that they can see that others care for them, there is hope and they can escape.

Will you join us in this war on human trafficking? 

Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant today to purchase lipsticks to be donated to Refuge for Women to help rescue women out of this industry.