Raise the Standard is a youth prevention program that has been serving our communities since 2012. Our speakers have been requested by middle and high school teachers in public and private schools, youth leaders, coaches and other group leaders. We have reached over 11,000 students since our beginning.

Our program offers a curriculum that is age-appropriate and based on current and medically accurate research. The sessions will help students by empowering them to develop healthy relationships built on respect and free from violence and intimidation. We want to help youth identify vulnerabilities and seek help for any unhealthy relationship that could lead them into sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.

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service project in a box

Are you looking for a service project that your students can get involved without having to organize any travel? Service Project in a Box by Refuge for Women gives your students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women who have been trafficked and sexually exploited.

Service Project in a Box is exactly what its name suggests. This service project is a box with the contents to make bracelets for women who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. It centers on the idea of Proverbs 31:10 which says that “Her worth is far above rubies.” These bracelets that you and your students make will be given to women to show them that they are valuable and have worth beyond money. The bracelets are something for the women to own that is nice and that they are proud of it. Each bracelet spreads the word of where women can go to get help, hope, and healing.

Along with the materials to make the bracelets, Service Project in a Box also includes links to videos and curriculum for teaching your students about trafficking while they make the bracelets. The Service Project in a Box is not only a hands-on project, but an opportunity for you to invest in your students’ education about the dark realities of a fallen world and how they can bring light to those who have none.

student video curriculum

Our curriculum is geared specifically to high school students. It covers the relevant topics that our students need to be discussing, including: Pornography, Sexual Abuse, Trafficking and Social Media. The format includes video teaching from national speaker, Scott Harvey, coupled with the testimonies of 3 women who have walked difficult paths in life regarding these four areas. At the end of the teaching time, students can break into smaller groups and use our age-appropriate questions to get dialogue started.