Are you concerned about the amount of time your student spends on social media?

Do you know all your teenager's "friends" on Facebook?

Are you worried about your son viewing pornography on the Internet?

Does your daughter understand the consequences of sexting?


244,000-325,000 American children and youth are at risk for sexual exploitation and sex trafficking every year. (University of Pennsylvania)


We KNOW there's a problem and we are committed to PARTNERING with you to be part of the solution.


In addition to our short and long term programs, RFW is committed to providing prevention education in our schools for middle and high school students.

 We are pleased to offer your two free sessions of our Rewire Student Curriculum with discussion questions as a conversation starter with the student in your life.

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We provided our session on Social Media and Trafficking. To see our full offering of Rewire Curriculum available for purchase, please click below:

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